NJ Meat Suppliers Since 1941

A tradition focused on quality, service, and satisfaction

Magnolia Beef Co., located in Elizabeth, New Jersey, has been serving the Tri-State-Area for more than 70 years. The company offers customers products cut the way they like it by experienced butchers who know how to bring the best out of the meat even before cooking. Butchering is an art. A knife guided by skillful craft enhances meat quality.

Have it your way

Magnolia Beef Co. prides itself on providing products the way customers want them. Customers determine the level of quality:

  • Choice
  • All natural
  • Grass fed
  • Angus
  • Organic

The company’s customers rely on respectful drivers, who care about the job they do, and on-time delivery. They buy consistently and continuously from us. They include:

  • Diners
  • Bars
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Clubs
  • Institutions
  • Hotels

The company is particularly interested in working with chain restaurants, too.

Order from the company competitors even admire

At Magnolia Beef Co., the priority is to satisfy through a commitment to quality. Customers compliment the company’s service and products, like home-made burgers and chopped meat. But competitors also say good things, because they buy from the company, too.

NJ meat distributor salesmen are ready to take your orders

Ordering is simple and convenient. Just email using an online contact form or call us at (908) 352-9412. The company is open twelve hours a day, from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Magnolia Beef Co. looks forward to working with you.